Sunday, 27 January 2013


Another January almost over and the bill for the end of year festivities will have come home to roost. Has anyone escaped the irony of paying through the nose for everything at Xmas and the day after you find them reduced by half. Nice little capitalist touch I feel. Xmas is a pagan festival with a little christian message bolted on. I'm waiting for archaeologists to discover that Jesus was actually born on July 5th. Sort that one out!


  1. Mormons believe that Jesus was born on April 6. I've heard religious scholars theorize that early summer is more likely.

    My LDS relatives exchange home-made gifts on April 6. I'm no longer included in their gift exchange because they didn't like finding out that the vase I decoupaged was originally my dad's wine bottle.

  2. I think I'm developing dyslexia. Everytime you type LDS I see LSD. So when I read "My LSD relatives......" in my head I see your relatives in kaftans exchanging home made paper flowers and bead necklaces and there's sitar music coming from somewhere.

    I think the mormons have it spot on in this case. THe vatican needs to follow suit. How about helping out the less fortunate at the end of the year as the message.

    Nice touch with the disguised wine bottle.

    Check out my post of Wednesday 24th October 2012 if you haven't seen it already. Rodeo dinosaur. My kinda guy.