Monday, 28 January 2013


Paul is an old college mate of mine from way back. After many years away working on animated features he's returned home. In this short feature he discusses a personal ambition to develop a live action movie based on the exploits of Irish legendary figure Cú Chulainn. Ireland has a rich vein of mythological stories comparable to anything to come out of Greece and the Mediterranean. The Tain and Irish mythology in general is the oldest surviving vernacular outside of ancient Greece and Rome. While the heroes of ancient Greece and Sparta have been given the Hollywood treatment (not always successfully) no such examples exist of Irish mythological figures. You may argue that Irish mythology is not as widely known as the Greek but the stories and themes are universal. Swap the names of Achilles and Hercules with those of Cú Chulainn and Fionn MacCumhaill and you will still find magnificent tales of bravery, tragedy, treachery, love, deceit  and victory against all the odds. I think it requires a homegrown talent to do it justice. This is the gap Paul is attempting to fill.

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